Lot Clearing

Choose a Reputable Company to Clear Your Lot

Choose a Reputable Company to Clear Your Lot

Trust us with lot clearing services in Dimondale & Lansing, MI

Clearing a large number of trees and bushes isn't a challenge for the team at Wright Way Tree Co. We provide first-rate lot cleaning services in Dimondale & Lansing, MI. Since we have experience in the logging industry, we know the best practices for removing vegetation safely. We'll cut down your trees and turn them into wood chips, saving pieces that would make good firewood. Then, we'll dispose of everything else so you can get your property completely clear.

Worried about stumps ruining what should be a clear site? We can grind them down before we leave. Call 517-663-1006 now to get a free estimate on stump grinding and site clearing services.

Get the free space on your property you've been wanting

Need space for a new project? Lot clearing services could be the solution to your problems. We can help if you want to:

  • Create space on your property for a new build
  • Free up space on your land for an open field
  • Tidy up overgrown or unsightly greenery on your lot

Once we finish the job, you'll be able to enjoy your newfound free space however you want. Arrange for site clearing services when you contact us today.